Testimonials (or our references)

At Barry Personnel we really are a family!  We’re a loyal bunch and many of us keep coming back when the time is right. Peg and her staff care for her employees and spend a great deal of time and energy making sure they have the tools and support they need to succeed.

If something isn’t right at an assignment, she’ll make absolutely sure her employees are protected.  At the same time, she’ll go above and beyond to make sure she has given her clients the best she possibly can, with employees that will fit the assignment with the appropriate skills and knowledge.

Because I work in the theatre, I may be available for a week or two between shows or a few months between projects.  Peg understands that and encourages me to continue the work I love, but she also knows I’ll be back in the Barry Personnel Resources fold when I’m between theatre gigs. 

That is why Peg is celebrating a very successful 31 years in the business!  For me it’s been a great ten year adventure, hopefully one that will last for many years to come.

– Dan Brink


 Peg is dedicated to her employees and does her best to never let them down.  Since starting at Barry Personnel I have experienced a multitude of challenging and rewarding positions, and have been able to build upon my existing knowledge and portfolio. I will never forget my first interaction with Peg on a dreary February day and the immediate call back I received, while stepping out the office door.  It’s wonderful to know that you work for someone who actually cares about you.  That’s what makes Peg and Barry Personnel so special.  It’s almost as if we found each other and for that I am forever thankful.

-Erik Czaja, Barry Personnel Resources, Inc., Marketing and Staffing Manager


“I consider myself very fortunate to have found Barry Personnel Resources.  I came to Peg in July of 2010 after having just lost my job.  She sent me on an interview with my current employer, and I was hired the next day as a temp.  I worked with Barry Personnel Resources for four months before becoming a permanent employee with the client.  The company where I was placed is by far the best one I have ever worked for.  It has grown vastly over the past year.

“Awhile back my workload became too much for one person to handle.  I needed help, and I knew just where to go – I went to Barry Personnel Resources.  Peg sent me three very qualified candidates, one of whom I hired.  My assistant has been a great help, and I have Peg Barry to thank.  I would highly recommend Peg and her team for anyone looking to be placed with a great company or looking to hire a qualified employee.  I’ve used Barry Personnel Resources in both capacities and can say that both resulted in tremendous success.  Thanks, Barry Personnel!”

Kristen Adrian


“Human Resources can be one intimidating field.  Where does a young professional start when they are inexperienced and saddled with so many areas to learn: recruitment, employee benefits, labor relations, worker’s compensation, etc.?  Well, when I was twenty-four and starting out, I was fortunate to find a strategic partner in the recruitment area that I respected and could learn and grow from, but, more importantly, who understood my needs and told it to me straight!  That partner was Peg Barry, founder and president of Barry Personnel Resources.  For eleven years in Chicago, I relied on Peg’s wisdom and expertise in helping me identify the right hire for very challenging positions.  And I loved her sense of humor and individualism.  I am now in Boston, but after eighteen years of knowing Peg Barry, I am still referring clients and candidates to her.

“Integrity, insight, and humor!  Peg has the winning combination!


Laurie Fontaine


“I have known Peg Barry for almost 20 years and have found her judgment of people and her professionalism outstanding.  I have admired Peg and her dedication and commitment to her industry through various economic cycles.  No matter where we are on the cycle, Peg rolls with it and develops the appropriate services and/or angle to serve her customers during those times.  I have found Peg to be very entrepreneurial, yet cautious, a good combination of traits for a business owner.  As far as the placements she has provided for me, I can only say that Peg is the only service provider who has been able to satisfy my requirements and stand behind her placements.  Barry Personnel is the only choice for me.”

Linda Day, CPM, CCIM


“The condominium management business is difficult on the best of days.  It becomes even more difficult when your trained staff members are out sick or on leave for any length of time.  Finding capable, part-time assistance had been almost impossible.  That is, until I started doing business with Barry Personnel Resources, Inc.

“I was referred to Peg Barry through a colleague.  When I first contacted Peg in 1996 to fill a specific position, she provided me with an excellent employee.  Her candidate was intelligent, personable, well-groomed and quickly learned the nuances of the position.

“I have continued to use Barry Personnel Resources with great results for both temporary and permanent positions within my company.  After nine years of successful placements from Barry Personnel Resources, I would strongly recommend them to any company doing business in the condominium management field.”

Hank Binswanger


“My former employer used Barry Personnel for temporary staff in a few key areas and, more than once, we ended up hiring the temp due to the quality of the people the agency sent us.  Peg is smart, funny and caring, and runs her business with the greatest integrity, something you see reflected in the way she works with her clients, as well as how she treats her temporary staff.  If you are considering using Barry Personnel as either an employer or employee, you will not regret it!”

Helen S. Harrison


“A few bullets to describe my friend Peg:

  • Dynamic, no-nonsense, straight-shooter, very bright, and direct
  • She will help articulate your needs to select and determine the optimum resource
  • Contact when you are ready for a solution
  • Staffing is easy, accuracy is not, the trouble-shooting part is where she excels
  • Indecisiveness or game-playing will be dealt with painful honesty”

Tom Mathews